ANI organises infoweek for Horizon Europe’s Pillars II and III
10th-14th January

ANI is organising a series of online events, the Infoweek ‘Kickstart 2022 in Horizon Europe’s Pillars II and III’. This infoweek, which will take place between January 10th and 14th, seeks to present the upcoming opportunities for 2022 and the lessons learned throughout the first year of Horizon Europe.

With a maximum duration of 1:30 hours, these sessions will further introduce the thematic areas covered in Pillar II, for Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness, and Pillar III, for Innovative Europe. The participants may also learn more about the five Missions of Horizon Europe. With the publication of the Missions Work Programme, there are now R&I financing opportunities which will be presented in the sessions for the relevant Clusters.

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