Connecting Europe Facility – Digital (CEF2)

The Connecting Europe Facility – Digital (CEF2), aims to deploy the Gigabit Society, based on a safe and secure, sustainable, very high capacity digital cross-border infrastructures, to implement the 5G communities (including submarine connectivity of strategic importance), to host digital platforms and solutions (Data, Cloud, HPC and AI), to implement advanced communications infrastructures (QCI) and to improve digital services for the socio-economic drivers and use-cases.

CEF2 Budget: 9 – 11 B € (2021 – 2027)

CEF2 Strategic Objectives:

  • Building pan-European, cross-border infrastructures for 5G uses case
  • Accelerating implementation of digital connectivity policies and ensuring that nobody is left behind by the digital transformation
  • Contributing to innovation and competitiveness in the EU digital ecosystem
  • Strategic autonomy and digital sovereignty

CEF2 is implemented under two Pillars, covering the following actions:

Pilar I – 5G infrastructure deployment: 5G corridors along transport paths; Gigabit and 5G connectivity for socio-economic drivers.

Pilar II – Cross-border data infrastructures: sub-submarine cables of strategic importance, terabit connectivity for HPC, Pan-European cloud federation, advanced communications infrastructures (QCI) and operational digital platforms.