Digital, Industry & Space Info Day
29 November to 1 December 2021

The European Commission organizes an info day with the aim of informing (potential) applicants on topics included in the Cluster 4 work program ‘Digital, Industry and Space’ with funding opportunities for 2022.

Under Pillar II of Horizon Europe, Cluster 4 aims to provide the following six destinations that correspond to the Strategic Plan:

  • More circular and digitized production chains
  • Greater autonomy and resilience for industry and key strategic value chains
  • Data and computing technologies
  • Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and adaptation to the Green Deal
  • Development, deployment and use of space-based infrastructures, services, applications
  • A human-centered and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies


A brokerage event for engaging partners and networking will happen on 2-3 Dec – save the date!


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