Erasmus+ Road Map | second stop
17-18 June
Viana do Castelo

Inspired by the launch of the Erasmus+ Program within the scope of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in Viana do Castelo, the National Agency will carry out, on June 17 and 18, the second stop of the Erasmus+ Route | Youth Education and Training.

With the support of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, the Europe Direct Information Center of Minho (CIED Minho), the Santa Maria Maior School Group, the Hotel and Tourism School of Viana do Castelo and the Iris Inclusive Association, the Erasmus+ Nacional Agency Education and training will carry out a two-day itinerary in the city of Viana do Castelo in which the first will visit various schools and institutions from different cycles and sectors, with students to carry out activities promoted by CIED Minho.

On the second day, we will hold a meeting of primary and secondary education students to participate in four workshops, promoted by ASPES, Iris Inclusive, IPVC and EEHT Viana do Castelo, dedicated to the priorities of the Erasmus+ Program while higher education students debate themes in an auditorium related to everything that involves the Erasmus+ Program in this education sector.

At the end of the day, we promoted an Indie Rock concert, with the band Capitão Fausto, to which only 100 people can enter by invitation.

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