From Copernicus to Business
13 May

The Sentinel satellites of the European Earth Observation Program – Copernicus collect data that are fundamental for better-informed decisions to improve people’s quality of life and ensure sustainable engagement with the planet. In addition, Earth Observation data is also an important source for the development of value-added applications and services, and therefore generates business opportunities.

Having first presented the services that the Copernicus program provides, and then examples of applications developed from that basis, the Portuguese Space Agency now organizes a session for the presentation of business opportunities that the European Earth Observation Program creates.

This third Copernicus Program information session will be held on 13 May at 09:00 a.m. WET, continuing the cycle of sessions dedicated to the dissemination of the Copernicus Program to the national community. The session is aimed at all those interested in the Copernicus program, whether they come from public administration, academia, researchers or enterprise, including all entrepreneurs interested in creating services and applications in the Earth Observation sector.

This event will introduce the existing digital platforms that allow access to Copernicus data (DIAS) and its potential for creating value-added businesses, the available funding mechanisms (regional, national and international), and will also show examples of successful businesses based on Copernicus data.

More information and the register to the event can be found here.

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