From the Sea to Society
25 May
Peniche / Online

The conference From the Sea to Society will be held in Peniche (Portugal) and intends to be an international forum aiming to share ideas and approaches for sustainable and inclusive development of European coastal communities. Invited speakers will discuss the importance that knowledge and technology assume to manage the exploitation of marine resources. Some case studies will illustrate the importance of blue industrial innovations and the power of partnerships between science with society for a differentiated relation between humans and marine ecosystems.

In the morning, two panel discussions will take place online: the first panel will focus on sustainability supported by knowledge and the importance of European collaborative networks for the blue bioeconomy; the second panel will focus on the enhancement of coastal identities in Europe associated with the sustainability of resources and the social resilience of fishing communities.

During the afternoon, will occur some cultural initiatives held in person at the School of Tourism and Maritime Technology (Peniche) – Polytechnic of Leiria. These activities will consist of a show cooking that will illustrate the European seafood gastronomy, a guided visit to the photographic exhibition on the oceans “Mãe Nossa”, and the public presentation of the book “Do Mar ao Prato” (bilingual edition). This initiative, part of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will end with the inauguration of the “Azul Mar” exhibition at the National Museum of Resistance and Freedom (Peniche Fortress).

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