JRC’s e-workshop series “Strengthening and connecting science for policy ecosystems across the EU”
9 March

This workshop, jointly organised by the JRC and DG RTD, aims to bring together experts, stakeholders, and staff of European institutions working on science for policy issues and/or at the science-policy interface in the Member States and for EU policymaking. We seek to gather views in response to three questions: (1) What is your vision for a vibrant EU science for policy ecosystem?; (2) What mechanisms [policies, organisational structures, investments, processes and practices] make a real difference [in your country, sector, profession] in terms of bringing scientific knowledge into policymaking?; and (3) What could the EU do to support these mechanisms within and between EU Member States? The views gathered will feed into the deliberations of the JRC and DG RTD in preparation of a Staff Working Document on ”Supporting and connecting policymaking in the EU and Member States with scientific research”, which is foreseen to be published in June 2022.

Further information can be found on the event website. Preregistration is opened until 25th February 2022 through the preregistration form.

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