The Healthcare Path from idea to Market
6 May

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is organizing a Seminar Cycle on the theme From Ground to the Cloud, through the Laboratory for Automation and Systems. The third seminar “The Healthcare Path from idea to Market” will take place on May 6, Thursday, starting at 3 pm (CET), online.

This seminar will address the CIMIT framework and the integrated method of HTA – focused on the technological validation and regulation process – by bringing together invited representatives from the MedTech area to present, discuss, and debate these topics. The cloud-connected medical devices are an opportunity to implement Health 4.0, a particular case of Industry 4.0. However, the pathway from idea to a marketable medical device is loaded with several challenges. The MedTech companies and, in particular start-ups, need to follow a complex chain that is still something very unclear and involves a number of different stakeholders.

In order to significantly de-risk the process of bringing an innovation to market and promote a more efficient creation of innovative products that have a high potential to help people across the globe IPN invites the community to join this seminar with free participation, required registration here.

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