PERIN Strategy 2021 – 2027

Strategy to promote Portuguese participation in European Union funding programmes 2021-2027
Research & Innovation, Erasmus, Space and Digital

This working document presents the terms for the adoption of a national strategy that aims to double, in 2021-2027, the Portuguese participation in European Union funding Programmes, and to attract around two billion euros for Research and Innovation in that period, as well as tripling the number of students in mobility in Higher Education, compared to 2014-2020.

This document was prepared through the PERIN network, which involves the institutional partners “Foundation for Science and Technology, IP” (FCT), the “National Innovation Agency” (ANI), SA, the “Portuguese Space Agency” (PT Space), the “Research Agency Biomedical Clinic and Innovation” (AICIB), the “Directorate-General for Higher Education” (DGES) and the “National Agency Erasmus + Education and Training”, to reinforce and double Portugal’s participation within the framework of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, and to promote the use of Structural Funds as a national counterpart in all instruments providing for co-financing.

During 2021-2027, there will be different European funding programs that can be complementary to each other – “Horizon Europe”, “Erasmus”, “European Space Programme”, “European Digital Programme” and the “Connecting Europe Facility – Digital 2” (CEF2). To that effect, it is opportune to discuss the lessons for the future, because today we live a new framework to think about the evolution of Portugal in the European context.

The PERIN network will be able to boost – through its institutional partners, the national network of offices promoting the participation of Portugal in the European funding programmes, as well as the network of delegates / NCPs – the participation of research and business institutions in those European funding programmess in a more coherent and complementary ways.

The working document “Strategy for the promotion of national participation in European Union financing programs 2021-2027 – Research & Innovation, Erasmus, Space and Digital” is open for public discussion, inviting all interested stakeholders to submit proposals and / or comments, until December 31, 2020, through this form.