Cluster 2 Culture, creativity and inclusive society

The EU stands for a unique way of combining economic growth with high levels of social protection and inclusion, shared values including democracy, human rights, and the richness of diversity. This model is constantly evolving and needs to deal with the challenges from amongst other things, demographic change, globalization and technological change.

Activities in Cluster 2 ‘Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society’ focus on challenges pertaining to democratic governance, cultural heritage and the creative economy, social and economic transformations. The challenges are interconnected and have been chosen because they respond to the most pressing social, political, economic and cultural concerns and expectations of European citizens. They provide a clear picture of what benefits citizens and different stakeholders can expect from research and innovation actions supported under this cluster.

Projects from this cluster will contribute to: (i) boosting transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and legitimacy of governance; (ii) improving levels of trust and tackling political extremism; (iii) understanding and coping with migrant flows and cultural transits. The engagement with cultural heritage will improve its protection, enhancement, and restoration, and prepare a more resilient society to respond to the impacts of technological advancements and economic change.

During Horizon Europe Cluster 2 will support research and innovation in the following areas:

  • Democracy and Governance
  • European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural andCreative Industries 
  • Social and Economic Transformations 

Interactions and synergies are expected between Cluster 2 and the Mission ‘Accelerating the Transition to a Climate Prepared and Resilient Europe’.

The European Commission, through the European Innovation Council (EIT), is planning to launch a Knowledge Innovation Community – KIC in 2023 focusing on cultural and creative industries, as part of its strategy for 2021-2027.