European Innovation Council (EIC)

The European Innovation Council is made up of two areas: Pathfinder and Accelerator.


It intends to support fundamental research projects that want to explore radically new ideas. They are normally open to any scientific area, with some call with topics proposed by the European Commission. It will support consortium-based projects, where the participation of a diversity of actors is well received. It is the direct heir to the Horizon 2020 program – Future and Emerging Technologies.


Through financing based on non-refundable grants and equity, the EIC Accelerator will support SMEs (including start-ups) and small mid-caps to bring disruptive ideas to the market. Equity investments will be made through the EIC Fund. The projects are mono-beneficiary and only SMEs and small mid-caps (companies with up to 500 workers) can apply for equity investment.

In addition to project support, EIC provides coaching and mentoring to companies and researchers.

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