January 20, 2022
Horizon Europe Grant Agreement

20 January

The European Commission informed today about two issues affecting beneficiaries currently in grant agreement preparation.

i) Issue concerning the Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

There was a mistake in the IT implementation of the eligibility criterion on gender equality plans (GEPs). They become obligatory only for calls with deadline after 1.1.2022.

Due to a technical issue, the check for existence of a GEP has been activated for all projects entering grant preparation in 2022 The issue is now corrected. In case your beneficiaries (from 2021 calls) still see the error message ‘ gender plan missing’, they should re-apply the ‘validate’ button. In the unlikely event that the issue persists, they should contact the service desk.

ii) Organisation category ‘International European Research Organization (IERO)’

The IERO status applies only to a very limited number of organisations (example: CERN). Due to a change of legal definitions in the transition from H2020 to Horizon Europe, this status became ‘undefined’ for all organisations. This lead to a blocking in the grant agreement preparation.

Applicable solution:

A patch was applied on 20 January, setting the IERO status to ‘ No’ for the vast majority of organisations, thus unblocking the grant agreement preparation. For cases that cannot be corrected automatically, the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) of the organisation (or one of the Account Administrators) has to modify the ‘International Organisation’ and ‘IERO’ attributes in the participant management module under the Funding & Tenders Portal.:

Go to My Organisation -> legal information-> edit organisation, and set the fields for ‘International Organisation’ and ‘International European Research Organisation’ to the value (‘yes’ or ‘no’) applicable to your organisation.

2 February

Grant Agreement Preparation – a Comissão Europeia divulgou a existência de 2 erros na plataforma Funding & Tenders, os quais deverão ser corrigidos em breve.

Assim clarifica-se que 1) a exigência do Gender Equality Plan (GEP) apenas se aplica nas propostas de concursos com deadline posterior a 1 janeiro de 2022; 2) As entidades que sejam “International European Research Organization” (por ex, CERN) terão de proceder a alteração nos seus dados administrativos.