April 12, 2022
New European Bauhaus: Commission launches ‘NEB LAB’ and call for Friends

The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences.

Today, the Commission is launching the NEB LAB: a ‘think and do’ tank to make the New European Bauhaus a reality through concrete and tangible projects. By connecting the initiative’s growing community and sharing ideas, it will bring about beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive changes on the ground.

The launch of the ‘NEB LAB’ starts with a call for Friends of the New European Bauhaus to involve companies and public actors such as regions, villages and cities, more directly in the NEB.

NEB LAB projects starting already today include the development of New European Bauhaus labelling tools, work on regulatory framework conditions, and a survey among construction companies, architects, urban planners and other actors to identify barriers for the implementation of NEB projects in the construction and housing sector.

The NEB LAB will act as an incubator to connect people and learn from one another’s experiences. Several NEB LAB projects get underway today:

  • A ‘labelling strategy’ project inviting experts, academics, and professionals in sustainability, inclusiveness, and aesthetics to contribute to building a compass and assessment frameworks that will help ensure projects are well-aligned with the New European Bauhaus values;
  • An ‘analysis and experimentation’ project to explore how the regulatory framework, from local to European level, can support the development of New European Bauhaus projects. A survey to map the challenges and opportunities practitioners face is open now until 30 June 2022;
  • Two ‘innovative funding’ projects: one focusing on crowdfunding and public funding, the other on joint funding with philanthropy. These projects will explore innovative funding solutions for New European Bauhaus projects. Everyone interested in innovative funding is invited to get involved by sharing their thoughts and experiences.

ANI is the National Contact Point for the New European Bauhaus in Portugal.