January 26, 2022
New version of proposal templates in Horizon Europe

A new version of the generic proposal templates for Horizon Europe is now available on the Funding & Tenders Portal. It includes changes in the proposal part B template, taking into account feedback from participants and stakeholders after the first calls of Horizon Europe. These changes focus on the tables in section 3 of proposal part B, which have been adapted to avoid duplication of information. In addition, the points in the impact section have been re-organised. Moreover, definitions of the different roles of participating organisation have been added in proposal part A.

Please note that participants, when actually preparing a proposal, have to use a call/topic specific template provided directly in the submission system. Calls/topics for which the submission system is already configured (i.e. currently open and soon to be opened) provide the previous version of the proposal template and applicants to those calls have to use this previous version.