April 12, 2022
Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)

The Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) co-finances research and innovation projects in the areas of coal and steel.

May 3 is the deadline for the submission of proposals Big Tickets 2022 – demonstration and pilot projects in the range of 4-7 M€ (exceptionally up to 18 M€). Projects are expected to achieve high TRLs (e.g. up to TRL 7-8) to support the EU steel industry in the green, digital and circular transition and to help the coal regions in transition.

In particular, the intended R&D areas are e.g.:

Reduction and management or capture of gases such as CO2, integration of processes in industry, mines and ore, advanced technologies, resource management, critical raw materials, alternative materials, waste treatment, renewable energies, among other relevant topics.

– Also, in September 2022 (to be confirmed) will be the deadline for the annual RFCS call for proposals for R&D projects. In this call, the research component is greater compared to the big tickets 2022 call, with an expected TRL of 2-6, for projects around 2M€.

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