February 07, 2022
The Jules Horowitz Operation Plan 2040 project (JHOP 2040)
Information for potentially interested institutions

The Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) is a reference international user facility to observe and understand material and fuel behaviour in extreme nuclear environment with irradiation loops reproducing the operational condition of the different power reactor technologies. Its primary uses will be research into the performance of nuclear fuel at existing reactors, testing of materials used in reactors, testing designs for fuel for future reactors and the production of radioisotopes used in medicine. The scope of the Jules Horowitz Operation Plan 2040 (JHOP 2040) project is the creation of the operation planning (roadmap) for the JHR for the first 15 years (2030 – 2045) and to assure that EURATOM makes a proper and effective use of its 6% of the total Access Rights (ARs) to the JHR. The project has progressed considerably in 2020 – 2021. By the end of 2023, the new cost assessment and the project plan have to be completed, but first criticality is not expected before the end of this decade. A pre-JHR action has been set up in the FIDES frame to maintain the “JHR community” alive and to fill the gap (keep on ongoing activities) until the starting of operation.A roadmap for this pre-JHR era will be presented to the Governing Board in June 2022. Link to the reactor website: http://www-rjh.cea.fr/index.html. Link to the project website: https://www.jhop2040-h2020.eu/.